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Burning Question: What's wrong with Belle's gown?

Since the first promotional pictures of Disney's new Live-Action remake of Beauty and the Beast hit the internet, there has been a lot of discussion around Belle's iconic ball gown. And, even months after its release in cinemas, there still continues to be a lot of buzz around it. Why? Mainly, because a lot of people feel that it is just doesn't look that good.
The thing is, Belle's animated yellow ball gown is, at this point, an iconic staple of animated cinema. Everybody knows it and everybody loves it. And, as a result, everybody can see the new one and say "this is not the costume I know". Therefore, everyone can compare it down to the smallest detail and see that it just doesn't quite look right.
Today, our goal will be to try and dissect the design in order to answer the burning question everyone has been asking themselves: what's so wrong with the "new" dress? Or, to put it bluntly, why is it so incredibly underwhelming?

This might n…
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The Top 10 Film Costume Designs of the Decade. Part I

Last December, as 2019 ended, it took us a good two weeks to realize what the arrival of 2020 meant: another decade has come and gone. The 2010s are finally over, and, as any decent blogger knows, the only acceptable way to celebrate this achievement is by making our own Top 10 of the Decade List (even if we might be really late to the party at this point)!

We are not going to lie: ensembling this list has been a hard endeavor. Not because there weren't many good costume designs, or because there were too many, but because we truly have a horrendous memory and couldn't, for the life of us, remember which movies had come out in the last decade.
This, coupled with the fact that the early 2010s, basking in the post-economic crisis dread, weren't very welcoming to the idea of big productions with luxurious visuals and out there costuming, made the list hard to put together.
A brief reminder before we unveil our fabulous list! 
What makes a great costume design for us? Well, i…

I'm Back! The Past, Present and Future of the Costume Vault

Hello, fellow costume lovers! I've missed you all so very much!
As you all well know, this blog has been on pause for the last year and a half. This has not been exactly a purposeful choice on my part, more like the very definition of life getting in the way.
I started a new job back in early 2018 that took a lot of time and a lot of energy, and I also went through a really rough personal time that didn't help with the stress of the new job and didn't make finding time to write any easier.
I had tons of ideas for the blog and was really excited to be able to share them with you, so taking a break from creating content was not what I had in mind at all.
So, because of that, I was extremely surprised by all you guys who kept coming to the blog, reading, commenting, engaging... you really gave me so much just by knowing I had your support despite the blog not being active. So thank you so much to you all!
It is because of that love and support that I HAVE DECIDED TO COME BACK AND …

Oscar Retrospective 2018: Darkest Hour

The Oscars have come and gone once more, and so we are faced once again with the task of analyzing and reviewing this year's nominees (and eventually the winner) for Best Achievement in Costume Design.
The first of these nominees which we'll be covering in this year's retrospective, will be Joe Wright's latest period drama; Darkest Hour, a movie that in the end leaves us quite unimpressed by the effort.
It's a paint by numbers movie that even though it boasts of an outstanding photography, camera work, and incredible acting talent, still manages to waste it all into a boring, run-of-the-mill script that has nothing new to offer.
Darkest Hour focusses on the one month span between Churchill becoming Prime Minister and his famous "never surrender" speech that marked the decisive moment in which Great Britain decided to confront Germany and Hitler head-on.
And while it sounds interesting enough on paper, it doesn't help that it feels that between The Kin…

Wonder Woman: Designing females in Fantasy

Since the very inception of the character of Wonder Woman, in October 1941, her costumes have been a continuing flashpoint of controversy in the media; a common point for many female characters throughout the decades. And so, in order to celebrate this past International Women's Day, and also to protest for the unforgivable snub of Lindy Hemming's Wonder Woman Costume Design at the Oscars, we wanted to dissect the Wonder Woman's costume and analyze it in relation to the trappings of costume design for a female character in fantasy.
FEMALES IN FANTASY Traditionally, females have fulfilled very particular roles in fantasy: the damsel in distress or the evil seductress most prominently. It wasn't until fairly recently that a new role appeared: the sexy fighter. A stunningly beautiful woman who also managed to be highly competent when it came to either martial arts or any form of fighting. But this skill has often been just an excuse to showcase her sex appeal. Her skill …