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Agent Carter: 1940's superhero espionage. Part II

The second season of ABC's Agent Carter brought a couple of major changes for our favorite Secret Agent. First and foremost, it changed settings; moving from cold and blue New York to bright and Sunny Los Angeles.

Which, at first look it might seem irrelevant to what we are talking about here: designs. But it couldn't be farther away from the truth. This change of location brought with it a rather substantial change both in the look of the show and the look of the characters. And it was substantial enough that it was reflected in every single one of the promotional images.

And the character that's the most affected by this change is our leading lady; Peggy Carter. So let's have a look and see exactly how and why it affects her.
PEGGY'S MOVING ON Season 2 marks a rather important change for Peggy, both professionally and personally and, narratively, that change is underlined by her transfer to L.A to help Agent Sousa in a new brand mystery. But it is also marked by…

A look into Star Wars: Padme's Dresses. Annex A

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, the size of Padme's wardrobe is leaning towards big. One might even say gigantic. Because of this, we are forced to choose which ones we review and which ones we don't. Otherwise, we would still be reviewing the costumes from Episode I. Thanks to this selection process, right now, in our Padme series' we are reviewing costumes already from Revenge of the Sith. But lately, we've been thinking a lot about those designs that got "lost in the selection", as we call them.
WHY WEREN'T THESE SELECTED? Generally, those that we did not select for our series were considered "not interesting enough". But what does that mean? Well, it means two things; either they pulled from the exact same influences as any of the dresses we had already addressed (which would make for a very repetitive article) or were considered too simple and basic to talk about them at length.
And then, of course, were those that we simply did …

Agent Carter: 1940's superhero espionage. Part I

Early this year, in early May, we received the sad news that ABC's Agent Carter, was cancelled after only three seasons. For those who don't know, Agent Carter was a show that was part of the Marvel Cinematic/TV Universe, and focused on the very much awesome Peggy Carter, the British Intelligent Agent that was introduced in Captain America: The First Avenger.
The show is a spy/detective story about a female Agent in the 50's facing off against really wacky science and superhero/super villain stuff. It's the origins of SHIELD. And it's amazing.

Unfortunately, the viewership ratings for season 2 did not do very well, according to ABC's standards, and the plans for a third season were canceled (dashing and destroying our hearts... But I promise myself I would not rant, and I am truly trying...).
This means that we will not be able to continue to have the amazingly fabulous 50's fashion of Peggy Carter graze our TV screens anymore. Because, yes, the costume de…